Exodus Sunday School 10-Pack

In one of the greatest miracles of deliverance ever seen, God opens the Red Sea so that Moses and the Israelites can pass through but brings the waters back over the Egyptians when they try to overtake them. As the people begin traveling towards the Promised Land, God begins training Moses and the people what He requires. On Mount Sinai God inscribes on tablets of stone the Ten Commandments. In the Exodus gives Moses detailed instructions for the building of a traveling tent of worship and the ark of the covenant, a symbol of God’s presence among His people. Moses receives explicit instructions on how God is to be worshipped and guidelines for maintaining purity and holiness among the people. Through miraculous provisions of water and the miraculous feeding of the people with both manna and quail, God proves He is the God of the Hebrews and prepares them to go into the Promised Land.

40 pages