Summer Fiction Special

If you love fiction, and especially lots of historical fiction, this is for you.

Best-selling Christian writers such as Doug Peterson (Veggie Tales), Eric Wilson (New York Times best-selling writer of Fireproof), Ace Collins (author of over two dozen books that have sold more than 2.5 million copies), and Ray Blackston (Flabbergasted, Lost in Roovile) have crafted a great set of Fiction that you can enjoy all summer.

The Lincoln League

Based on the true story of John Scobell and the first African American spy ring.

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The Puzzle People

When the borders between East and West Berlin closed overnight in August of 1961, families and friends were suddenly split by concrete and barbed wire. The Puzzle People is a story of love, heroism, and the ultimate divide — murder.

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The Disappearing Man

After his family is split apart and sold a slave almost goes insane. But then he hears a voice that says to him, "Go get a box and put yourself into it." The true story of the amazing escape of Henry 'Box' Brown.

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The Vanishing Woman

In 1848, Ellen Craft became invisible. Ellen, a slave from Macon, Georgia, took trains and steamboats north, but the people all around couldn't see her. They saw only a white man. Ellen Craft's mother was a slave, but her father was her master, and she had skin as white as his. So she posed as a white man, while her husband William posed as her slave. Ellen vanished, and she became William Johnson an ailing gentleman seeking medical treatment in Philadelphia. 

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Reich of Passage

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tell Boyer is burned out on politics and moves to Los Angeles to become an entertainment journalist. He is sleep walking through life until he meets a reclusive doctor whose father escaped Nazi Germany but had developed a technology to place terminally ill patients into a deep sleep until cures can be developed for their specific diseases.

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The Trial of Alex Lord

Alex Lord turns 30 and seems to have all an ambitious young lawyer could want. He is a rising star at the largest law firm in town, a beautiful home, a BMW and a gorgeous wife, Karen. The relentless demands of his job are starting to strain his marriage, but he is sure it will work out once his big trial is over.

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1 Step Away

In a twist on the tale of Job (Job 1:8-11), the Accuser has noticed that humans turn to God during crisis, but wonders if they'll still do so during abundance. Unknown to you, Satan goes to God and asks to make you rich beyond your dreams. As life takes a turn for the better, will your soul take a turn for the worse?

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2 Seconds Late

Natalie Flynn, a minor character in 1 Step Away, now has come on to the scene to face fears of her own. As she dates Reuben King, a powerful young politician, she in position to influence his voice on a groundbreaking new bill that paves the way for the microchipping of humans. What she doesn't know is that others are also pulling strings - and shaping a deadly conspiracy. Ina modern spin on the biblical story of Esther, Natalie's been raised up for "such a time as this."

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