The Trial of Alex Lord


ISBN 978-1-936164-34-9

Alex Lord turns 30 and seems to have all an ambitious young lawyer could want. He is a rising star at the largest law firm in town, a beautiful home, a BMW and a gorgeous wife, Karen. The relentless demands of his job are starting to strain his marriage, but he s sure it will work out once his big trial is over. His childhood friend, Austin Adams, also works at the firm, and their ultra-competitive relationship is also beginning to show signs of wear. Richard Sterling is the partner that Alex reports to, and he assigns Alex the responsibility of getting rid of a nuisance lawsuit brought against the firm by Abner Plott, a feeble old man. After a confrontation with Plott at the courthouse, Alex s life begins to unravel. Plott files a criminal charge against him, along with scores of civil suits. The time Alex spends dealing with Plott takes time away from the work he does for Sterling, and Sterling is not pleased. The stress also heightens the problems he is having with Karen, who is growing more and more tired of the demands on Alex s time, and of the changes she sees in her husband. In addition, someone has vandalized his yard, he is getting threatening phone calls, and his briefcase is stolen from his car, causing him to miss an important court date. Ultimately, he confronts Plott, and the encounter sends him off on a mission to help Plott, save his marriage, and, most importantly, salvage his soul.

About the Author:

Ray Blackston is the author of six novels, including the quirky and comic Flabbergasted, which was shortlisted for a Christy Award, and in 2003 was chosen as inspirational novel of the year by the Dallas Morning News and was re-released by Revell in June 2010.

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